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How to print or email library check out receipt? (v3.0)

Handy Library Manager lets you print or email checkout receipts. You can preview the check out receipt before you print or send it out. The receipt includes the check out date, the borrower name, and the list of checked out items. You can customize library receipts.

print or email library check out receipt

Click Print Receipt (1) to print the check out receipt.

Click Preview (2) to review the check out receipt.

Click Email Receipt (3) to send the receipt to a patron.

review library receipt before you print

Review library receipt for items currently checked out. You can print the receipt from the print review window.

custom library receipt

Customized receipt.
You can print simple receipts or you can print customized receipts.

Library circulation receipts are stored in the library data folder. The print_receipt.txt file defines the format of the printed receipt. How to customize printed receipt?

email library receipt, send email window

Send Email Receipt
The Send Email window lets you review the email content, add additional information, or review the status of the sent message. Before you send circulation receipts you should set email options in the Options window (Email Options).

The email_receipt.txt file defines the format of the email receipt.

To customize email receipt create email_receipt.txt file. Save this file in the C:/handy_lib/data/db/ folder. You can use the following keywords that will be replaced with the data from the loan transaction: <DATE>, <BORROWER>, <BOOK_LIST>.

Customized receipt content:

Transaction Date: 06/27/2020
Borrowed By: Student Name
Items Borrowed:
1) 1,001 facts about the human body
Loan Date: 06/27/2020
Due: 07/11/2020

2) A boy no more
Loan Date: 06/27/2020
Due: 07/11/2020
Sincerely yours,

Question: How to send library check out receipt to borrower?

Answer: Starting from version 3.0 you can send check out receipts.

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