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decryption options
  1. Verify the name of the selected folder in the Decrypt Files From This Folder edit box. To change the selected folder click Select and select a new folder. You can also click Close and select a new folder in the main window.
  2. Decrypt Files Into This Folder displays a destination folder. Decrypted files will be saved into this folder. To select or create a destination folder click Select. Select or make a new folder in the Browse For Folder window.
  3. Decrypt Files With This Name edit box displays the name of the selected file if the file was selected for decryption, or displays a wildcard (*.*) if a folder was selected for decryption. The wildcard *.* means all files from the selected folder will be decrypted. You can define your wildcard here. For example if you enter *.txt only text files will be decrypted.
  4. Enter a new extension in the Change File Extension To edit box. Empty box means that all decrypted files will be created with the same name and extension as your original files. If you enter new value then decrypted files will have file extension changed. For example you can enter TXT as a new extension. If a file selected for decryption has BACKUP.ENC name, then this file will be decrypted and saved as BACKUP.TXT. For Decryption you can use a "-" in Change File Extension To edit box, for example enter "-.enc". This means that the decrypted files will have ".enc" removed from the end of the names, so "data.dbf.enc" will become "data.dbf". Use "-" option when your files were encrypted with "+" option.
  5. Click Encryption Type selection box and select the encryption type you want to use.
  6. Click Key Size selection box and select the key size.
  7. Private Key edit box displays the value of your secret key. You can generate, load, or paste from Clipboard your private key into this box. If it is a new key make sure you save it for future use.
    Click Generate Private Key From Password Phrase to generate a secret key from the password phrase.
    Click Load Private Key From A File to load a secret key from the file.
    Click Save Private Key To A File to save a secret key to a file.
  8. Select Delete Source File check box to delete source file(s).
  9. Select Unzip Before Decryption to unzip a selected file. Click Select and select a file.
  10. Select Zip After Decryption to zip decrypted files. Click Select and select a destination folder and a name of the zipped file. If you enter a new file name it will be created automatically.
  11. Click Next to display Execute window.



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