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" I've spent many hours looking for a good database organizer. I installed about 20 of them before I came across yours. Yours is the best one I've seen. It's easy to use and flexible. I don't buy a lot of software, but I'm about to. A very good piece of work. I downloaded some inventory database templates from your free databases."

" I downloaded Address Organizer Deluxe & ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I am a person who likes to keep everything organized; therefore, from now on PrimaSoft will be the only site I will have in my Favorites folder under Organizer Software Programs!! " " After reviewing 7 or 8 other programs for cataloging my coin collections, this is far and away the best of the lot. " " I believe you have the best portable product on the market and I am pleased to have found it. "

"Overall we are very excited about the program and think it will serve our needs very well. We have many employees, docents, and public visitors who use our library. We wanted a user-friendly program that would allow them to search for books on their area of interest. We also wanted a program that would allow some users to enter & edit data, but prevent others from doing that. We even reviewed programs costing thousands of dollars, but liked your program best. "

" Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Several generations of computers ago I had tried this software and liked it but never got around to purchasing it. I just bought a new computer, am definitely ready to start cataloging our thousands of books and appreciate your help in making this possible. FYI - it took several searches with a number of different key word combinations before I was able to find the Primasoft website. Other software packages that I encountered in this process just aren't as clear and easy to use as yours, nor do they produce the kinds of reports that I wanted. Thanks again. "

"Your program passes the Zippo test (works first time out of the box, doesn't need an instruction manual, and never fails to light). Very nice job. As a programmer, I realise that we are nothing more than tool-makers. But crafting fine tools takes considerable experience, knowledge, and hard work. You've made a tool to be proud of."

"For over four weeks now we have been trying to develop a MS access DB for over 25,000 records., not an easy chore for someone who is not a programmer.
So I started looking around on for an easier solution. Sort of why re-invent the wheel kind of thing, and this is where I found your DB Organizer.
Today I am going to try and export our 25,000+ records from the access DB and pull them into the Organizer, and already I am excited about it...
I have only been using the Organizer for two days now. I am totally impressed by what it can do and how intuitive it is for the most part."
"I am impressed with your inventory program. I have been looking at various shareware and commercial home inventory programs for a couple of months trying to decide which to use. With the exception of the higher end business inventory programs your stands head and shoulders above the others. I'm anxious to get my registered copy...... Over all, you appear to have smoked your competition. An excellent program at a very fair price. "
"I have to tell you that your company has one of the best customer support service that I have found on the net. I have been using computers for about 20 years now and your company is one of the best that I have had the pleasure of working with. Keep up the great service and I will tell you know that anyone I talk to that is looking for inventory programs, I will tell them that your company is by far the fairest and best that I have ever run into."


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